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Terms & Conditions

Berna Music School is a place where both beginning and advanced musicians, regardless of age or degree of talent, can go. Within the music school, tailor-made lessons are given by professional musicians. These terms and conditions apply to all teaching agreements between Berna Music College and students.

Berna Music School is part of Bernamusic. Where Berna Music School is stated in these regulations with regard to acts, the authority to act lies with the competent authority of Bernamusic or an officer designated by him or her.

Registration, placement, cancellation

Registration for a course takes place by submitting a fully completed registration form. Application forms must be completed correctly, completely and truthfully. By signing the application form, you agree to the terms and conditions of Berna Music College. When registering minors, the agreement of at least one of the legal representatives is required. The candidate-student cannot derive any rights in any form from the registration. If the registration leads to a placement and scheduling, this entails a payment obligation as set out in these general terms and conditions. The student (or the representative liable to pay) owes Berna Music College a fixed fee for the agreed services. Placement and scheduling of candidate students always takes place in mutual consultation with the teacher and is confirmed in writing or by email to the candidate student. Scheduling preferably takes place at a fixed time. If, after mutual consultation, no agreement is reached on the schedule, Berna Music School will waive the placement. The candidate student will be informed of this in writing or by email. Placement applies for the entire duration of a course. In the event of interim cancellation of a course by the student, the student is fully liable to pay for the entire duration of the course. Students are expected to be present as much as possible during the scheduled classes.

If unable to attend due to illness or other circumstances, the student must send e message to the teacher before the start of the lesson, by telephone or by mail/sms/whatsapp. Missed lessons can be made up during the make-up weeks, whereby a maximum of 1 lesson can be made up per make-up week.

If from the third canceled lesson there is no possibility to make up for the lesson, a proportional part of the due course fee from the third canceled lesson will be deducted. The compensation in extra lessons referred to is planned by the teacher of Berna Music School, in consultation with the student. The student will be informed about this by e-mail.

To prevent dropping out, the deployment of a substitute teacher can be used for a limited period.

An academic year runs from September 1 to the first week of July  of the following year Courses are automatically renewed in the following academic year.

Cancellation of a short course is possible up to 2 weeks before the start of the course. Cancellation must be made by e-mail stating the reason.


The student is responsible for providing a proper instrument.

Rates and payment

The applicable rates for the services of Berna Music School are determined annually and announced in writing.

A full year course comprises 37. The agreed tuition can be paid in monthly installments.

Prior to each term, the student/payee will receive an invoice by e-mail for the payment of the tuition fee.

Short courses must be paid in advance. The student/payer will receive an invoice for this.

If an installment amount is not paid on time, the student will not have access to the lesson.

In the event that the course fee or the installment amount of the course fee is not paid, the claim will be handed over to a collection agency. The costs arising from this will be fully borne by the person liable for payment.


Bringing property during lessons or other activities organized by Berna Music School is entirely at your own risk.

Berna Music School does not accept any liability for loss or damage to property.

By or on behalf of the coordinator of Berna Music School, persons who do not comply with the regulations of these regulations, or who exhibit behavior that gives rise to this, may be denied access to the activities of Berna Music School.

Damage caused to buildings, inventory or materials of Berna Music College must be compensated by the person who caused the damage, or by the person who is liable for it.

Final Provisions

In cases not provided for in these regulations and in the event of a difference of opinion about the interpretation and/or application of these regulations between the coordinator and students of Berna Music School, the competent authority of Bernamusic will decide.

Berna Music School is authorized to make changes to these terms and conditions. These changes will come into effect at the announced time of coming into effect. Berna Music School will announce the changed conditions to students in a timely manner. If no time of entry into force has been announced, the changes to students will take effect as soon as the change has been announced.

Each agreement of Berna Music School is exclusively governed by Dutch law

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